Opti-Lube Agriculture (Ag) Formula is designed to meet the needs and demands of farming equipment and bulk storage.Like all Opti-Lube diesel products Ag Formula improves lubricity, adds efficiency and cleans injectors. The components inside have been specially formulated with a water separator (demulsifier) to help stabilize your fuel for long term storage and inhibit bacterial growth.
OPT-SBG block grease
Soda based Block Grease is the #1 choice of steam railroad operations throughout North America. Customers frequently comment on reduced bearing surface wear, cooler operating temperatures and less grease consumption. Our block grease includes special wear reducing additives and is very hard (above NLGI-8), although it is still malleable enough to be pressed into grease sticks.
Pure Lube
Opti-Lube Pure Lube and Conditioner is the ultimate lubricity additive. Pure Lube and Conditioner is a highly concentrated and effective diesel fuel lubricity additive.
Add Opti-Lube Pure Lube and Conditioner to your diesel fuel to provide your fuel pump and injectors with the lubricity they need to attain their intended durability.
*Intended for competition use only.* For the ideal competition additive, combine Opti-Lube's Pure Lube and Pure Cetane.
Designed for use in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Pure Cetane
Opti-Lube Pure Cetane, as the name suggests, boosts cetane!
Opti-Lube is committed to helping you reach any diesel fuel goal. Whether it be increased lubricity, improved emissions or increased performance.
Pure Cetane contains our highest concentration of Cetane or 2-Ethylehexly nitrate, it improves cetane by 5-11 points depending on base fuel and mix ratio. The higher the quality of the fuel the more significant the improvement.
Easier starting at low temps.
Improved fuel economy and power
Opti-Lube is the ultimate in performance diesel fuel additives, dedicated to protecting your equipment by providing exceptional lubrication in the fuel system. Summer+ Cetane is our best diesel fuel additive for warm weather and your wallet.
Improving Lubricity is just the beginning, this product also improves efficiency, cleans injectors and boosts cetane by 5 - 7 points.
Opti-Lube is the ultimate in performance diesel fuel additives.
Boosting Cetane is just the beginning, this product also improves efficiency, cleans injectors and lubricates fuel!
The Highest Cetane formula available and the best for those with performance in mind.
Opti-Lube products protect your equipment by providing exceptional lubrication in the fuel system
Opti-Lube XPD is the ultimate in performance diesel fuel additives. The best diesel fuel additive on the market.
Opti-Lube XPD’s primary purpose is to increase the lubricity properties of ultra low sulfur diesels (ULSD). However, improving Lubricity is just the beginning. XPD Formula is a multi-functional additive for upgrading the quality and enhancing the performance of diesel fuels.
XPD simultaneously improves lubricity, efficiency, cleans injectors, improves Cetane by up to 3 points
Opti-Lube is known to provide the best diesel fuel additives on the market. After taking our customers suggestions into account, one thing became apparent, we NEEDED an emergency type product to cut through Gel and Ice in cold weather emergencies.
Fuel gelling in the winter is every diesel owners nightmare and we can all make mistakes and forget to put in our Opti-Lube XPD or Winter when we should. Now you can rest easy knowing that Opti-Lube has your back with Gel Melt!
Have you ever had water in your bulk tank? Ever worried about growth? Opti-Lube Preserve is what you need for piece of mind.
Designed specifically for bulk storage Preserve will help delay the degradation of your diesel.
Preserve is an antioxidant, metal deactivator and color stabilizer. The active chemistry helps to neutralize acid build-up and delay the onset of metal reactions (yellow, ferrous) that can catalyze the fuel to degrade and form polymerized material (sludge, asphaltenes).
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